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Now, this is some Fake News we can get behind! Since coming together in 2017, these Queenslanders have delivered one pop-punk punch after another.

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And with their latest record, Everyday Warrior, they’re sure to break out in a big way. Ahead of its release, we caught up with guitarist Darren Crowe for a chat.

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Hysteria: Give us the Fake News story.

The band started in 2017. Mick (Braszell, guitarist) and I started it out of my garage. We’ve had a few lineup changes—eight drummers and three singers. We’ve finally got our lineup right without compromising the sound of punk to do it. But that’s it! I wish there were some kind of story like we skydived out of a plane, landed on a beach, Mick was riding a horse, and I jumped onto the back, and we went from there.

We’ve heard a whole stack of topics inspired the album. So when it came to writing, how’d it happen?

Tim (Russ, vocals) is a bit more inspired by Sum 41 and MxPx. I’m more into Strung Out and Mick’s more into Pennywise. It just became this amalgamation. Our influences bled out into the music, and we ended up with this awesome punk production with this nostalgic 90s vibe.

Lyrically, everything sits on the fence. Some songs are reminiscent of the punk era, where it was all about growing up, pushing forward and never giving up hope. There are happy songs about sad things, and there are songs about aliens. Tim brushed his fingers through a lot of topics.

Some songs are reminiscent of the punk era, where it was all about growing up, pushing forward and never giving up hope. There are happy songs about sad things, and there are songs about aliens.
[ Darren Crowe, Fake News ]

Having some new members in the lineup, what was it like jamming together for the first time?

It was beautiful, and it worked straight away. All of our songs have been written in 30 minutes to an hour. As an artist, I look back on some projects I’ve been in and some songs I’ve written and remember that it would take three months for just one. The way we work is if we can’t knock out a track straight away, we leave it. It’s not worth wasting time on. We try to complete a song and move on to the next, rather than polishing a turd. We think whatever experience we gain from writing our songs, we’ll take it onto our next and be better for it.

Give us a standout moment from the recording process.

We got Tim into the band when we were halfway through the album. We started tracking vocals with a friend of mine. I do have a studio at my house, but at the time, I thought it was better left to someone who knows what they’re doing. We felt like we weren’t getting the commitment out of my engineer mate, so Tim and I decided to learn how to run the studio and push all the buttons. I let Tim concentrate on the singing, and I concentrated on what was happening on the mixing desk. We felt like we had exhausted every avenue, so necessity was the key to innovation. We were forced to learn how to do it but, we were better for it. We’ll be able to take that experience into our next one. And having that DIY approach gave us the freedom to take our time and have the songs as we wanted them.

What’s next?

A ton of gigging. We’re also hoping to get on some festivals, and we’ve already got another album in the works. We have eight songs written, so we hope to have another one out next year. We’re in the zone for writing at the moment. We have so much energy, we’re happy, and we’re having fun. Those are the times where the good songs come out of you without you even trying.

FOR FANS OF: Sum 41, Pennywise, MxPx

Pre-order Fake News’s album here.

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