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DISENTOMB // Intensify Forward Brutality Screen

Brooding darkness and thundering brutality make for a profound musical combination.

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With their third studio album The Decaying Light now unleashed, Brisbane-based death metal band Disentomb have set out to take their listeners into some seriously heavy terrain. Now, Disentomb have infused brutal death metal with deep running emotion.

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“That’s certainly something we’re going for in this album,” says guitarist Jake Wilkes. “There’s not much death metal that has much feeling, you know what I mean, or invokes feeling in the listener. I guess that’s what we’re going for a little bit in this album…especially songs that you just want to listen to again. There’s a lot of death metal that is like three minutes of intense blasting, there’s not really much that sticks in your head that you want to go back and listen to.  So yeah, that was what we were going for as well, just like more of a focus on the actual songwriting itself, rather than having the only focus for the end product to be something brutal. Just trying to write songs that are good songs, just for that reason, you know what I mean?”

With The Decaying Light, Disentomb have really shown their ability to weave complex and innovative compositions. Tracks like Indecipherable Sermons of Gloom and Undying Dysphoria melt the boundaries of the genre. On how, Wilkes laughs, “Well, just don’t stick to a formula! Only focus on what sounds good to you, and if it sounds good, then it sounds good, you don’t have to think anything past that. If it sounds good you don’t have to go back and think, oh does this fit into ‘brutal death metal’…if its sounds good and you do it with confidence, it’s going to be cool.”

I don’t think anybody really expects us to stick to any particular norms of metal. I think people expect us to do something a bit different.

A number of tracks on The Decaying Light certainly do challenge the ‘brutal death metal formula’ in innovative and powerful ways, such as Invocation In The Cathedral Of Dust. “Well, throughout our stuff, not so much on the first album, but on Misery there was, like, stuff that leaned more towards the funeral doom style of metal. There was a song that was on Misery that was pretty much just funeral doom, because we’re into that as well, and there’s no saying that it can’t be on the album, you know, it sounds cool, so put it on the album. I don’t think anybody really expects us to stick to any particular norms of metal. I think people expect us to do something a bit different.”

Disentomb does level a fairly distinctive guitar sound. What are some of the guitar influences? “First and foremost: Dimebag.” Wilkes states without hesitation. “Pantera is my number one, ever. Then, with death metal it’d be Luc Lemay from Gorguts, and Bob Vigna from Immolation, and Diego from Disgorge, they were my trinity of guitar gods.”

That’s a fine selection of guitarists! So, how has Wilkes brought these influences to The Decaying Light? He reflects a moment, saying “I think just those three guys…I’ve based my whole style off those guys, so it’s always naturally there throughout all my stuff, but yeah, Disgorge is speed, Gorguts is weirdness, and Immolation is grooviness.”

Disentomb are all set to hit the road, with and Australian and New Zealand album launch tour about to kick off, followed closely by a comprehensive tour of the United States. From the sounds of it, there’s a few tracks from The Decaying Light that Wilkes is particularly looking forward to performing. “I’m looking forward to playing the title track,” he says excitedly, “and Undying Dysphoria, I think that song works pretty good live.”

The Decaying Light is out now via EVP Recordings and Unique Leader


SYDNEY // Saturday 20 July // CROWBAR
ADELAIDE // Friday 26 July // ENIGMA BAR
HOBART // Saturday 27 July // THE BRISBANE HOTEL

Tickets available here.

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