Diminish The GodsUncreation (Single)

5th November, 2021
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There’s bands that exude technical wizardry and can navigate any number of crazy time changes whilst packaging it into a song worth listening to.

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Then there’s Diminish The Gods, the Sydney based tech metal project that will make you want to throw in the towel even if you’re the most driven guitarist, drummer or song writer.

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Helmed by mastermind James Cecchetelli, the tech-deat unit has racked up some serious milestones over the last few years, including international tours with the likes of Black Dahlia Murder and Cattle Decapitation, and they’ve now returned with their savage new single Uncreation. Clocking in well over 5 minutes, the song is a churning, boiling mass of riffs, blast beats and breakdowns, with sickeningly delivered vocal lines telling of ancient blood rituals and occult summoning of inter-dimensional beings. Simply said, it’s all very metal, and features a mind-boggling lyric video to boot.

Strap yourself in—this one doesn’t let you go for even a millisecond.

The single is the first taste of the band’s forthcoming new LP EXOPAEDIAN, the group’s second record, and is set to be distributed by UMG/Ingrooves. It’s no doubt set to be a combination of some of the filthiest and most technically dazzling metal in good measure. If you like your metal pushed to the limit (think: Obscura, Cattle Decapitation, Archspire) then Diminish The Gods are flying the flag down under for all your tech-death needs, and Uncreation could be your favourite Aussie song of the year. Strap yourself in—this one doesn’t let you go for even a millisecond.

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bullet for my valentine hysteria

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