DC WOLVES // Unleashes Music Video For ‘Learn To Fly’

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Here’s one for all you hard rock fans! US-based band DC Wolves has brought the noise with an in-studio music video for their latest tune, Learn to Fly.

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The riffy, groovy, all-around good time follows on from their past singles, Predator and Lie Down. It features on their recently released LP, also titled Predator

“I had such a fun time performing Learn to Fly. It’s a great finger workout!” says frontman Dan Cahill. “This is a tune that really came together during the recording sessions. Colby (drums) came ready with a few new drum ideas to really liven up certain sections, and I knew he really had something as soon as I heard the playbacks. It was also during this session that Justin (producer/engineer) first discussed trying out vocal harmonies for the album. I am very glad that I took his suggestion. That sense of collaboration is what makes the writing process such an addictive drug for me.”

DC Wolves came together in 2016 and was the brainchild of self-taught songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dan Cahill. Having spent years tearing it up in various metal, rock and shoegaze bands, the song weaver desired “creative autonomy and synergistic collaboration”, choosing to focus his energy on this new project.

DC Wolves has released three albums independently, including 2018’s You’ve Been Careless. You can check out their tunes here.

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