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NerdlingerHollywood Ritz (Single)

Pee Records
11th March, 2022
Certified Banger!

There are a few things in life that will have even the most jaded of us cracking a smile—namely, tucking into a Maccas/Lord of the Fries feed after a long night out, reuniting with mates for a festival bevvy and blowing your vocal chords out to cheesy pop-punk.

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For those looking for a new option for number three, we present Hollywood Ritz, the brand spanking new heartwarmer from Nerdlinger.

Hollywood Ritz takes a break from the lightning-fast melodies that have defined the band’s last few singles and instead slows it down. And, it’s sure to set off the fluttering, fuzzy feelings in your stomach. Feel-good and fun-loving down to its bones, it’s also been described by the band as the closest thing to a love song they’ve put out. 

Hollywood Ritz has positioned itself as a unique addition to the 2022 pop-punk scene.

It’s clear that Nerdlinger don’t take themselves too seriously. This attitude has seeped into the track, and it’s what makes it so good. Despite being clearly influenced by the likes of Millencolin, Blink 182, and Lagwagon, Hollywood Ritz has positioned itself as a unique addition to the 2022 pop-punk scene. And it’s done this while maintaining the boppiness and lung-busting moments that make the genre so great. Ultimately, It’s easy, breezy, beautiful work from Nerdlinger.

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