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CONGRATS // Drops New EP ‘Pharoah’

Heck yeah, it’s finally here! Congrats-the side-project of Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart- have unleashed their hugely anticipated EP Pharaoh. Produced by the ARIA-nominated Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, Tones & I, Jungle Giants), the EP features singles like Russian Roulette, Lobotomy and Overthink ft. Kwasi.

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“This collection of songs encompasses the year I had in pre covid 2019 – it was a blur of self-denial where I found clues in my own music as to what I was feeling, when I was seemingly okay on the surface,” says Stewart. “I’m forever getting better at connecting those two things, but time and time again it seems to be an outlet where I get a glimpse into my truest self. When I look back on this body of work I see all the clues as to where I was becoming a little unhinged, but also an unabashed confidence which I think helped me step into some unknown territory. I loved collaborating and letting other people into my creative process and this EP will forever landmark a time where I was finally able to let people in. There’s a lot of darkness housed in pretty exteriors and that seems to be the common thread amongst the songs. I feel a little lighter that it will be out in the world.”

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Congrats gave Stewart a chance to embrace his pop sensibilities- a big change for the long-term fan of punk, rock and hardcore. It was titled after a desktop file, which held 10 songs he’d written for the project. “I wanted these songs to feel classic despite being suited up in modern production, but I didn’t know if it was possible. I didn’t know if my songs would work inside a pop housing. I was listening to artists who push the boundaries of rap and trap music like Roddy Ricch, Yung Lean and Post Malone – I get the same feelings of excitement when I tap into the energy of their music as I did when I first found heavy music. I can feel the same pain and it has filled my sails for exploring new territory. I want to be uncomfortable again,” he adds.

Pharoah is available now through indie label Dew Process. You can also stream it right here.

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