cedarsmoke hysteria
cedarsmoke hysteria

CedarsmokeKicked Out Of Eden

Crabpot Records
8th March, 2019
Grab a Tinnie

Brisbane’s Cedarsmoke are a band beyond their years, and their third EP Kicked Out of Eden is all we need to prove it.

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Take the lyrics to record opener, Waiting to Die. With lines like “Life’s just putting up with pain, and if it all goes down the drain I’ll be happy just waiting to die”, there’s a real sense of wistfulness, and it goes way past overgrown teen angst territory. But despite the self-defeating erudite lyricism, and some equally heavy song titles (see: Fucking Up, Here Alone and Downer), the EP houses a really mellow, indie vibe. Yes, there are the raspy, melancholic vocals of Jon Cloumassis, but there’s also upbeat percussion, sweet keys, overdriven choruses and riffs that pay homage to the guitar rock of the 90’s.

With EP no. three Cedarsmoke have perfected their slacked, grunge rock sound.

This mish mashing is akin to what the band has previously described as a “dark-humoured sitcom about the everyday picayune things of some wretched characters”, and it adds a layer of depth to the EP.

In some part, this depth has also got to be attributed to the mixing of Cam Smith (at Incremental Records) and mastering of Harrison Newman (at Grey Market Mastering). Both drench the record with ample amounts of polish and care—and it’s the cherry on top that stops it from ever falling into juvenile territory.

With EP no. three Cedarsmoke have perfected their slacked, grunge rock sound. Take our advice—grab a tinnie and settle in for an easy listening session of Kicked Out of Eden, you won’t regret it!

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STANDOUT TRACKS: Waiting to Die, Here Alone, Let The Wind Blow

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