Blind Man Death StareComin' In Hot!

15th March, 2019
Sick As

Comin’ in Hot! with this new album, Blind Man Death Stare are reshaping modern punk rock from the recording studio and into the ears of punters who’ll make their next mosh pit. It’s like Fat Wreck Chords have released the soundtrack for Tony Hawk’s next Pro Skater, should it ever come.

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Opening with a classic alarm tone that’ll make you hate Monday mornings even more, Clock In Clock Out opens the record with drum beats that’ll have you regretting that boozy Sunday sesh. As the musicians speed up through the song, listeners are taken on a spiralling instrumental of snakes and ladders as the lyrics corrupt your thoughts about clocking in.

Homeis where the heart is,’ undoubtedly. An ode to the old saying while putting a new twist on it; with choruses that groove through the lyrics and bounce within the tight rhythm section. This one’s got the fundamentals to be the band’s anthem.

Filling the album with catchy hooks and signature skate punk timing, Blind Man Death Stare give us so much excitement for their next gig.

There’s A Night Off The Piss, which, paired with Dusty Schnitzel, re-establishes their roots through sometimes growling, sometimes chanting, sometimes singing lyrics and guitar hooks that twang off of the charging drive of their punching beats and crisp amplification.

Filling the album with catchy hooks and signature skate punk timing, Blind Man Death Stare give us so much excitement for their next gig.

The album’s single Comin’ in Hot! gives the record a new direction as the vocals lead us through subtle choruses and an action-packed guitar solo that pulls us into the breakdown of harmonious thrashing.

Pinch and Roll follows a similar direction although the length of the song compresses the solos into a captivating 29 seconds that are otherwise filled with compact drumming and un-interpretable lyrics.

Bringing the album to a close with Repirse—or did they mean Reprise? It’s hard to differentiate what’s intentional and what’s not these days—we’re abruptly taken to a new genre that doesn’t quite finish what it started; 38 seconds of a piano sonata that leaves the remaining four minutes and 30 seconds of the song to our imaginations…. Not quite the reprise the title may suggest.

Minus having to check that the speakers hadn’t blown and that the final track did in fact end abruptly, this album is fuckin’ siiiick.

Recorded by Dan Antix from Def Wolf Studios and Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb, and produced by Tim Maxwell (Loser), this is an album that’s sure to captivate both new and old fans of the band as Blind Man Death Stare gear up to embark on their international tour.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Home, Stereo, Comin’ In Hot
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