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18th June, 2020
ben arthur
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Aussie rap gets taken down a new path by Darwin/Melbourne rapper NUFFJAH. 

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Gin Habits is his breakthrough debut album, dishing up a melodic, ambient and experimental journey touching on some heavy themes.

The dark album was self-recorded and produced by NUFFJAH himself, with beats inspired by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Doom and Odd Future. The album tells a story, and the ‘setting’ of the story is in Melbourne, which is distinguished throughout the album by tram and bar sounds in the background.

His unapologetic debut is going to make a mark and will surely earn him some new fans.

NUFFJAH compliments the dark beats with carefully placed electronica throughout the tracks. His deep voice consolidates the beat and the result is mesmerising and captivating. Listening to the lyrics, it’s apparent that he’s been through some pretty rough stuff. Poison Ivy introduces us to the story and themes, which leads us into the tragic journey of the album that includes things like being exposed to recreational drugs at a young age, boredom, first love and bad habits in general.

We get taken to a very personal place in My Addiction, getting a glimpse into NUFFJAH’s struggle with losing a friend to addiction as well and his feelings about using his friend’s story in his music and profiting off his loss and struggles. Gin Habits ends on more of an upbeat note, with Moving On taking us out with almost a cartoon theme song meets rap beat, leaving somewhat of a satisfied feeling as if everything’s going to be okay, no matter what you’ve been through.

NUFFJAH’s sound is certainly unique, especially in the Aussie rap universe. His unapologetic debut is going to make a mark and will surely earn him some new fans.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Moving On (Ode To Doom), My Addiction, Forgiveness
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