The Bauer BulletinMenace

4th December, 2020
Certified Banger!

Gwen Stefani may have taught us all how to spell bananas back in the early 2000s, but here, The Bauer Bulletin have taught us how to spell both menace and asshole, so really, we reckon they’ve contributed a whole lot more to society.

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They’ve done this on their debut single, Menace—a rib-tickler that’s lewd and crude with a whole lot of ‘tude. We’ve got to give massive props to the brains behind the project, David Bauer, for his decision to focus on a relatively simple structure. By championing a pared-back soundscape, Bauer has allowed his OTT, off-the-wall lyrics to steal the show. And by mixing them with riffs that’ll make you want to mosh, he’s served up a no-fucks-given, not so serious anthem—something the world desperately needs right about now.

Catchy and chaotic, even your nan will be singing along in disgust.

There’s also a strong sense of nostalgia to the track, which nods to the hip-hop and heavy acts that tore up the charts at the turn of the century. We’ve got no doubt that Bauer grew up on a steady diet of Limp Bizkit and Butterfingers (not the American chocolate), but the influence of more modern acts like Deez Nuts is also apparent. To rip some words from the man himself, Menace is on another level, like a mezzanine. Catchy and chaotic, even your nan will be singing along in disgust. Good stuff. 

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