APATE // Unleash New Track ‘Gasoline Anthem’

Brisbane’s Apate have returned with an absolute belter of a track, Gasoline Anthem

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It’s their first release under the Human Warfare banner and sees the heavy hitters experiment with metalcore, nu-metal and grunge.

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In a statement, the band explained the track was about “the fracture marks that are present in a family structure and dealing with the trauma later in life.”

“Lyrically, Gasoline Anthem is the process I went through as I slowly came to terms with my upbringing and the things I went through. Although I experienced a lot of things that a child should never be subject to, like physical, mental, drug and alcohol abuse, as an adult I have come to realize that it shaped me into who I am now. It has solidified to me that I don’t want to perpetuate the same vicious and violent cycle that was once inflicted on me.” Says frontman Zakk Ludwig.

Apate stepped onto the scene in 2017, with their debut Spit. They have since shared the stage with the likes of Polaris, Thornhill, Born Of Osiris, Void Of Vision and She Cries Wolf. Under the Human Warfare banner, they join a roster of bands including Fit For An Autopsy, Enterprise Earth, Vein and our national treasures Thy Art Is Murder.

Gasoline Anthem is available now.

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