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Not long now until the utter legends that are The Amity Affliction batter up the east coast on a whirlwind tour!

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Armed with their surprise brand new single All My Friends are Dead and their colossal sixth studio album, Misery, The Amity Affliction have invited some very special guests along. Underoath, Crossfaith, and Pagan will complement the headliner’s impressive catalogue of post-hardcore mayhem.

And for Brisbane fans, Amity’s performance at Riverstage is going to be extra special as the band launch their inaugural ‘Heaven and Hell’ festival, coinciding with Brisbane Festival’s 30th anniversary. That show will include performances from Trophy EyesSoutheast Desert Metal, Void Of Vision, Endless Heights, Thornhill.

This tour is going to be a feast of metal madness, so Hysteria thought we’d get guitarist Dan Brown’s thoughts on all things music. 

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On the tour support bands …

For us we’re a bit selfish sometimes. Taking Underoath on tour is amazing because we all grew up listening to that band–I was in high school listening to that band! We had a common link; our last album [Misery] we recorded was with the same producer [Matt Squire] that they went with. We linked up in a way that way. We met those guys around the track here and there but it’s nice to be on tour with them. Selfish for us but I guess everyone gets the payoff of us being on the same bill.


Crossfaith! That’s going to be cool. We met them on Warped Tour, they’re hilarious, drunk all the time and running around all over the place. We do want to head over to Japan at some point, kind of do a swap tour with them because they’re massive over there. I didn’t catch them at Unify Gathering this year, but I heard they killed it. They always do really well and put on a great show. [They’re] infectious. Even if you’re not sure what they sound like, you just watch them and it’s a good time.


On Heaven and Hell …

We’ve wanted to put our own festival on for years, we toyed around with the idea a while back. We’re calling it Heaven and Hell. This’ll be year one and we’ll give it a go again next year–obviously we won’t play every year–but yeah, we wanted to start a festival.

On new music that tickles his pickle …

Kublai Khan

The guys toured with Texas band Kublai Khan last year on Warped Tour–they are just killing it! They have that mosh-heavy sound. There’s a band that kills it in every genre and within our genre, these guys are really good.

Death Twitch

From Perth, these guys are like a poppy mosh band, but on purpose. I always lean towards bands who are doing heavy in a different way. We went through the metalcore phase and it got old after a little while, so it’s cool when someone comes through and does things a little differently, because it needs to keep changing.

On the future of the scene …

I’m an old man now, 33–well it’s not that old but I feel old–you see kids in high school and around their early-20s and there’s this big 90s resurgence happening right now. Everything’s cycled, and there might be a bit of grunge happening, that’s what I think. There’s a lot of surf rap grunge stuff happening, and maybe that’ll work its way into a bit of heavy music.

It’s all recycled. Maybe some 70s stuff, that’s big in America now. Like Greta Van Fleet who sound a lot like Led Zeppelin. Some of the best music come from the 60s in my opinion.

I can’t think of anything repeating [from] post-2000 because I think it all got a little lost there and lost direction. These classic genres, I think, will somehow merge with a new heavy sound. It may just get heavier and heavier. I think that as a formula has worked out and it’ll just apply itself to different genres.

On the future of The Amity Affliction …

We don’t really trend hop because we’ve been a band for so long. We have fans who’ve been with the band for 15 years and they kind of like how we sounded all those years ago. We’ve tried to grow as a band but also keep our core fans happy. It’s worked for us to do what we like to do and people have jumped on board with that. I think it’s genuine. Hopefully it lasts another ten years!

Catch The Amity Affliction with special guests Underoath, Crossfaith & Pagan at the following dates:

SYDNEY // Thursday 12 September // Hordern Pavilion
BRISBANE // Saturday 14 September // Heaven & Hell Festival @Riverstage (Also featuring Trophy Eyes, Make Them Suffer, Void Of Vision, South East Desert Metal, Endless Heights & Thornhill)
MELBOURNE // Monday 16 September // Melbourne Arena

Tickets available here.

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