the used hysteria
used hysteria

The UsedBlow Me (Single)

Big Noise
6th December, 2019

As Twenty Nine-SCENE begins to come to a close after seeing the likes of emo gods My Chemical Romance announce a reunion and Hawthorn Heights release new music, It seems the last link in the stepping stone that was emo culture to send us into the roaring 20’s has finally shown it’s head. That is, The Used dropping their first new song in over 2 years—Blow Me.

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Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a song by The Used if we didn’t have Frontman Bert McCracken at the wheel with his explosive vocals being the forefront for the undeniably fast and energetic tune. The song itself takes ‘screamo’ to a whole new level, with the only come down coming from the chorus melody. But that’s not all this song delivers on.

Teaming up with Fever 333’s own Jason Aalon Butler, whose band was a support act back in 2018 for The Used. But this is the first time the two alternative hybrids have teamed up to make some metal music magic. Both bands known for their explosive lyricism through their music, which shows no difference for this tune as well.

The Used’s music has undoubtedly left a mark on the music world that will never be erased.

Teaming up with Producer and Goldfinger frontman John Feldman who first signed the Utah originated band to Reprise Records back int 2002, and has now signed them recently to his new label Big Noise, gave a helping hand to produce this mammoth of a stacked track and playing a big role in what is to be the next era of The Used. McCracken says in regard to the tune “Whether metaphorically signifying the power of words in general or magnifying concern for the situation of societal gun violence, we urge fans of our music to find individual and personal meanings in all of our songs. Thank you, and please enjoy”

With nearly 20 years under their belt of albums that had a helping hand in shaping the alternative rock scene and giving their fans countless of unforgettable experiences as well as explosive live shows, The Used’s music has undoubtedly left a mark on the music world that will never be erased.

Blow Me (feat. Jason Aalon Butler) is now out and available in all digital stores and streaming platforms through Big Noise.

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