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SUNBLEACHED // Spinning Moody Alt Rock Beauty With A Brand New Track

With elements of The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Citizen bleached into their sonic DNA, Brissie alt-rockers sunbleached have returned this week with a moody groover in the form of Spinning Around

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A band who have already found themselves touring and performing with the likes of Holding Absence, Void of Vision, Pridelands, DREGG and many others, as well as recently sizzling onstage at the Destroy All Lines showcase for BIGSOUND 2022, sunbleached reach into the past and the present with their retro-meets-modern wiles. Blazing a firm trail laden with grunge, grooves and gazey flair, the quartet’s latest single Spinning Around offers yet another authentic outing, delving into the cycle of anxiety and second-guessing others. 

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Starting life as a series of voice memos sent between sunbleached vocalist Josh Baker and guitarist Bradley Maddaford, Spinning Around soon spun into a brand new chapter for the group at large, fusing a shoe-gaze spine with moody basslines, downtuned guitars and angsty melodics. Transporting you with its yearning earnest and cleverly curated rough edges, Spinning Around was produced and mixed by Tristan Higginson (Waxflower) and highlights the group’s growth since first forming back in 2020.

Of the new track, vocalist Baker shares: “The song describes a sort of self-sabotaging mantra that we can probably all get ourselves into, and Spinning Around serves as an effort to be mindful of that, and acts as a reminder to remember the good in others when the worst is on show.

For anyone who loves some nostalgia in their sonic cup of tea, Spinning Around demands a good ol’ fashioned spin.  

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