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SOSO // Top 5 Songs Guaranteed To Rubber Arm Your Mates And Turn Your Sunday Session Into A Full-Blown Bender

Because we’ve all been here before. It’s 6pm on a Sunday night and everyone’s a healthy 4-5 brews deep in the SoSo camp.

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You know it’s time to bender, but the lads & ladies are complaining about having to work tomorrow. Here’s your top five tracks guaranteed to turn your Sunday Session into a Full-Blown Bender

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Federico Franchi – Cream

Quite possibly one of the shittest songs ever made. You know the song, even if you’ve got no idea what it’s called or who wrote it. No, it’s not Riverside–it’s much much worse. This is what would happen if ChestBrah took a shot of anabolic steroids straight to his prefrontal cortex and unfortunately happened to have Ableton set up at the time. But damn, is the melody catchy—no doubt. This one will be sure to have you taping broccoli florets to your ears and wandering around the Sunday Session going ‘Do do do do do do, do dodododo do, do do, do do do do do, do do, do do do do do…..’ and so on.


Cajmere – Percolator Remastered Original Mix

It’s 3am Monday morning, four hours before you’re meant to be at work. Do you know what time it is? Damn right–it’s time for the percolator. And that’s exactly what you’re gonna get with this absolute banger. A minimalist track with absolute maximum effect, you’ll be hanging for the drop … spoiler alert–there is no drop. Only percolator. (Fun fact–the song says ‘It’s time for the percolator’ 35 times in total–the scientifically proven EXACT amount required to bender through until it’s time to call in sick to work).

Eric Prydz – Call On Me

This one is as famous for the music video as it is for the song itself. A guaranteed bender banger that will have you and your mates wearing your mums old 80’s fluro lycra in no time. These days we don’t know who we’re meant to be calling on–calling on our mate to straight arm that beer or calling on our boss to tell her we’re not coming into work. Just to be safe, we’ll probably do both.


Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

You’ve had way too many and you’re midway through a massive D&M with your best mate. This absolute banger comes on. You turn to your mate and with eyes shrink wrapped with tears, you say ‘bro, music really DOES sound better with you’. Marvellous.


Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Hands down one of the greatest songs of all time. No, we’re not taking the piss. This is timeless and we’re 100% certain it’s been fired out to space inside one of Elon Musk’s Tesla’s to ensure it’s the first track aliens hear from Earth. Perfection.

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