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RinRinEpisode 1

Riverman Records
3rd September, 2021
Certified Bangers!

Y’know when you’ve picked your latest Netflix binge-watch and you’re hours in, with each twist and turn leaving you unable to turn away?

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That’s how we felt listening to RinRin’s debut EP, Episode 1. Tune in because we’re sure you’ll feel the same.

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The Perth based multi-talent made a massive statement last year when she shared The Game, and she’s blown minds with her unique sound ever since. Episode 1 continues this trend and embraces an unrelenting, and perfectly balanced, mix of pop-punk, nu-metal and J-rock. This soundscape is contrasted by RinRin’s piercing, pop vocals, and it’s this that makes the EP so captivating. 

Episode 1 is a cocktail of creativity, and it’s got us hooked. RinRin, next episode, please!

Hellfire, Shadows and Kintsugi are our standouts, but with RinRin’s focus on authentic, teen-empowering lyricism, no track falls flat. Episode 1 is not only cohesive but triumphant—expect to see fists raised right up to the sky, and a whole lot of headbanging, when she next tears up the stage. If you’re a fan of BABYMETAL, Poppy or Hysteria faves RedHook and you haven’t yet checked out Episode 1, take this as your sign to do it. At just 20 years old (man, we wish we were this badass at that age), RinRin has proven she’s a force to be reckoned with. Episode 1 is a cocktail of creativity, and it’s got us hooked. RinRin, next episode, please!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Hellfire, Shadows, Kintsugi

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