QUICKFIRE ROUND: YOURS TRULY // One Question, One Song With Mikaila Delgado

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, Yours Truly have carved their name in the international pop punk world. In less than three years, they’ve already managed to score a record deal with UNFD, and tour extensively across Australia with the likes of Mayday Parade and The Faim.

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They’ve recently blessed us with two hit tracks: High Hopes, and Circles, ahead of the release of their latest EP, Afterglow, out on April 12.

But the pop punk quartette aren’t stopping there. Yours Truly are about to head over to the UK for their first international festival experience and Download Festival UK.

Between writing hit songs, touring the country and signing to UNFD, vocalist Mikaila Delgado found some time to sit down with us for a quickfire round.

You guys have some big things planned, including a spot at Download UK, what song is first up in your aeroplane playlist?

My Chemical RomanceSummertime

I can be quite an anxious flyer, but for some reason this song can calm me down when I start to freak out—no idea why! It’s a long flight over to the UK so I’ll probably be listening to it a few times!

You recently released a track called High Hopes, what’s a song that gives you high hopes?

Mayday ParadeJamie All Over

We recently toured with Mayday Parade and played this song continuously on the way to the shows. We were so pumped and hopeful that we’d have a great time and we definitely did! It’s got such an energetic feel, the best to hype for shows with!

Sum up your teenage years with one song.

Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin QuinnKing For A Day 

I remember being fourteen when this song came out and watching a lyric video of it on YouTube and just being in complete awe. The teenage angst was real.

Tell us about a song that changed your life.

HalestormFamiliar Taste Of Poison

When I was learning to play the guitar I would perform this song all the time! It gave me the confidence to sing and play an instrument at the same time. I really admired Lzzy’s voice and songwriting and it helped introduce me to writing. Starting Yours Truly really changed my life, I’ve met my best friends in the world and I’m able to create music and inspire people how these bands and artists inspired me growing up, and still do!

If you had to make a mixtape for your partner/best friend, what would be the first track and why?

Cartel Only You

I saw Will perform this acoustically and it made me cry. It’s the most beautiful romantic song I’ve ever heard!

You can pre-order Yours Truly’s latest EP, Afterglow, here.

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