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QUICKFIRE ROUND // Matt Gravolin Of Hellions

Hellions have been taking Australia, and the rest of the world by storm since the release of Opera Oblivia back in 2016.

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It’s been a nonstop ride for the Hellions boys since the release of Opera Oblivia, with back-to-back UNIFY Gathering performances (2018 and 2019), international headline tours, and another hugely successful record [ Rue ] all within a few short years.

But Hellions have made a name for themselves for more than just their insane choreography and great songs.

From gender inclusivity in music, to the Don’t Kill Live Music campaign, Hellions have consistently used their voice in the industry to stand up for causes they believe in. Just recently, the punk outfit announced a competition in collaboration with Girls Rock to give a fan the opportunity to design a piece of tour merch.

The Sydney-based quartet is hitting the road next month with a string of amazing support acts including Dregg, The Beautiful Monument and Yours Truly, to celebrate their most recent album, Rue.

We recently sat down with guitarist/vocalist, Matt Gravolin to discuss funky dance moves, the album tour, and the importance of using your platform to stand up for the voiceless.

You recently collaborated with Girls Rock to give a fan the opportunity to design a Hellions T-Shirt. Share some love for your favourite underrated female artist at the moment.

Stella Donnelly — Seasons Greetings

To my ears, this is a perfect blend of tonal and melodic sugar and lyrical spice.

It’s been a big couple of years for Hellions following the release of Opera Oblivia back in 2016, what is the most surreal memory you have of the band?

Hellions — Thresher

Performing this at Unify 2018 was an unforgettable moment of that era for me.

You’re about to do a lap of the country on your album tour with a plethora of great Australian bands like The Beautiful Monument, Dregg and Yours Truly. What can we expect to see at the shows?

Dregg — Return of the Dregg

You can expect a very colourful and varied set from us, with several little surprises littered throughout. We’re humbled to have The Beautiful Monument, Dregg and Yours Truly along for the trip.

Your X (Mwah) music video boasted some amazing choreography, making for an incredibly entertaining clip. Regardless of the song itself, what’s your favourite music video of all time?

Tame Impala — The Less I Know The Better

The creativity displayed in this video knows no bounds. Pure immersion ensues.

As a band, you guys seem to be exploring some pretty important topics in society at the moment, whether it’s your support of Girls Rock, or your lyrical content that seems to dissect the impact that social media has on our lives. Who or what encouraged you to use your platform to speak out about these issues?

The Plastic Ono Band — Give Peace a Chance

Social justice and mental health have become common themes in an organic way—I believe that being fortunate enough to have found oneself on any sort of platform comes with a responsibility to be as philanthropic as you are able to be with your words and with your reach in general.

Catch Hellions with special guests Yours Truly & Dregg at the following dates:

ADELAIDE // Friday 3 May // The Gov (All Ages)
PERTH // Saturday 4 May // The Capitol (18+)
BRISBANE // Friday 10 May // The Triffid (All Ages)
MELBOURNE // Saturday 11 May // Max Watts (18+) SOLD OUT
SYDNEY // Friday 17 May //Sydney (All Ages)

Tickets available here.

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