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yours truly hysteria

Yours TrulyAfterglow

12 April, 2019
Audio Joy

Rejoice! Sydney pop-punk aficionados Yours Truly are just about ready to drop their UNFD debut Afterglow and boy, oh boy, is this the release you’ll need to get you through winter!

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If you haven’t heard long-running single High Hopes, why the hell not? This one is an absolute banger and screams pop-punk classic–in fact, you can find this track riddled through so many playlists on Spotify, you’ve no excuse for not allowing yourself some audio joy before this.

Yours Truly get a little funky in I Can’t Feel, emotions running high as the guitars push and pull on the heartstrings. It delivers a hint of adolescent confusion, particularly on the unexpected key change, and it’s perfect for the genre and definitely perfect for the band–who are in no way confused, of course, they’re only riding a wave that they seem incredibly at home on.

Yours Truly avoid sinking into the sandpit of sickeningly sweet songs that many bands like them do

Frontwoman Mikaila Delgado delivers a mature and distinct tone that cuts through her tales of youthful trials and tribulations. The powerful duo in Delusional Paradise isn’t just a great example of two original voices working in harmony to spin a relatable story, everything about this tracks screams early 00s angst and awesomeness. A highlight on the LP, without question.  

Bright pop-punk melodies kept simple, Yours Truly aren’t pulling any tricks in Afterglow. They merely run through some pretty fun melodies cleverly arranged, and deliver honest truths with their hearts on their sleeves.

Yours Truly avoid sinking into the sandpit of sickeningly sweet songs that many bands like them do, but with gradual and gripping rhythmic builds, fun and impressive vocals, Yours Truly are definitely onto something with this one.

STANDOUT TRACKS: I Can’t Feel, High Hopes, Delusional Paradise
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