PREMIERE: HEY BABY! // Drop New Film clip for New Single ‘Kids’

Back with another banging number, Brisbane indie-rockers Hey Baby! have dropped the video for their second single Kids.

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With more than half the song rewritten the night before it was recorded, we’ve got some mosh-ready jams here as the foursome sail through feel-good vibes about embracing the best bits of one’s imminent adulthood–Kids was the first song frontman Kacper Majchrowski wrote when he moved from his childhood home in NSW’s Blue Mountains to the bustling beat of Brisbane.

A subtle prequel to the band’s debut clip 1-800 WEED, Kids is packed with shots of frustration, elation, confusion and fun, perfectly portraying the good times and bad that come when you’re trying to adult.

Hey Baby! have called this video a “fuck you” to the 9-5 rat race, with the band’s own lead guitarist Sam Wilson featured as the video’s evil protagonist. Ironically, two of the band’s members have recently jumped on that bandwagon so they can continue to fund the band’s hopes and dreams. Good on ‘em!

Kacper met Jaeger a couple of years ago when he first made the move to Brisbane and the two bonded over their similar music tastes. Enlisting Wilson and bassist Daniel Chlonta, the group launched themselves into writing energetic tunes, self-described by the outfit as dirty indie-rock. “We love playing fast-paced garage tunes, stuff that gets you energised and moving around a lot! We don’t take our lyrics too seriously, all our songs are about growing up while having fun, falling in love, dissatisfaction … and taking drugs,” says the band.

You can catch Hey Baby! knocking out this and plenty more dirty-rock numbers at Brisbane’s Crowbar on Thursday June 14.

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