novus hysteria
novus hysteria

NovusReflect (Single)

28th August, 2020
Certified Banger

Gold Coast melodic hardcore act Novus have gone from strength to strength with their latest single Reflect.

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Following on from their previous single Hopeless and their 2019 debut EP Solace, Reflect sees the band refining their unique brand of melodic hardcore, with a melancholy new music video to boot.

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The moody new track perfectly pairs with the song’s clip: with the slow, dreamy instrumentals, heavy screams and guitar work scattered throughout syncing up nicely to the sombre clip that depicts a man struggling to fight his demons with alcohol. Speaking of the track, drummer and lyricist Jon Prestage explains: “The song explores the constant war going on inside someone’s head as they try to battle their mental demons and find true happiness and love within. Reflect is a song that most people will be able to relate to, as we all suffer hardship at times in life and become lost, not knowing what to do next. The key is to never give up, no matter how hard life may seem.”

Reflect is a song that is heavy in both emotion and genre–not sacrificing one for the other at any point.

While the verses of Reflect see’s vocalist Dean Ross-Swaver delivering heavy screams to some classic hardcore backing, much of the song takes a strangely mellow approach. The drumming and guitar work are often slow and impactful, with each note delivering specific purpose rather than the conventional wall-of-noise heaviness of some young bands in the scene. Coupled with the use of synths, eery guitar feedback and Ross-Swaver’s almost spoken word clean lyrics, the song at its core feels very introspective; begging the viewer to dig deeper into the message hiding beneath the lyrics. Incorporating an almost prog-metal/rock-infused sound to their music, Novus have found their space within the melodic hardcore genre. With melodic guitar riffs creeping in behind the sombre vocals and slow, surreal drum fills providing the track’s backing, Reflect is a song that is heavy in both emotion and genre–not sacrificing one for the other at any point.

A steady balance between atmospheric melody and hard-hitting hardcore, Reflect is a clear sign that Novus have found the sound that works for them, and a strong forecast for good things to come on the band next release.

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