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NIGHTWISH // Drop New Singles + Detail New Album

Finnish symphonic metal unit Nightwish are set to release their ninth studio album Human II: Nature on 10th April.

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The album is themed around humanity, nature, technology, art and music.

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Human II: Nature is set to be filled with unique twists on the music—from folk rock to the neo-classical while still staying true to the Nightwish sound. The band have amassed an impressive 25 platinum’s and 20 gold certifications so far, so expectations are high this time around.

Nightwish have also dropped new single Noise. The track embodies everything that Nightwish have fused into their own sound since the band started in the small Finnish town of Kitee in 1996.

The distinctive symphonic metal sound comes from main composer and lyricist Toumas Holopainen, refining their sound with The London Session Orchestra as well as Hans Zimmer’s orchestra in Hollywood. They’ve also dropped a second single, Harvest, a unique, folk-rock jam.

The second part of the album, All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World, is an eight-part instrumental movement understood as Toumas Holopainen’s ‘love letter to our world.’

It’s a music embodiment of the cinematic observations of earthly beauty by filmmakers such as Sir David Attenborough. The theme however only relates to the physical beauty of the planet, rather than anything political surrounding the state of the earth, with Holopainen stating that he doesn’t want Nightwish to be seen as a political band.

Human II: Nature will be released worldwide on April 10th. Noise and Harvest are available now on all streaming platforms.

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