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NERGAL // Me And That Man, Running With The Devil

Never one to shy away from controversy, Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, best known as the outspoken front man of black/death metal juggernaut Behemoth, also happens to moonlight under the name of ‘Me And That Man’, a project that has been active since 2017 and which channels a dark blues/folk rock approach to song craft, as evidenced by their debut 2017 release, the stunning Songs Of Love And Death.

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Having recently signed to Austrian independent label Napalm Records, the first fruits of this new unholy alliance sees Nergal deliver a punchy pounder entitled Run With The Devil, resplendent with a crunchy, blues rock vibe and augmented with a honking saxophone break and the powerful and soulful vocals of Juregen Monkeby, who also fronts hard rocking Norwegian collective Shining.

And while extreme metal purists may initially raise a blackened eyebrow at this more traditional sounding vibe, those with an open minded musical outlook will recognise that it’s catchy chorus is also a catch-cry for the manifesto of the man himself: “My heart is pure but my church is black, I’m running drunk and wild through hell and back. I might be old but I ain’t done yet, I’m on the run with the Devil himself.”

The track is augmented with a dazzling video clip, directed by writer, designer and experimental film maker Roman Przylipiak, which delivers a wide screen homage to the dark creative vision of Nergal. Cinematic in scope, with imagery both stylised and confronting, it takes the viewer on a hair-raising thrill ride, from an eerie graveyard to the dark open highway and into a music club, as the band belt out their devilish pact to a euphoric crowd. With its Tarantino’esque vibe aligning perfectly with Nergal’s ‘heart of darkness’ approach to his muse, it plays out like a drop-dead cool short film, complete with closing credits. Check it out …

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