Mass Sky RaidScience Of Fiction

3 August, 2018
Cathartically inspiring

Science of Fiction is the debut full-length release from Gold Coast alternative rock group Mass Sky Raid. Since releasing their debut EP Courage Under Fire in 2013 Mass Sky Raid have steadily released a number of singles that have generated much anticipation around Science of Fiction.

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Vocalist Adam Lomas delivers an empowering performance on Science of Fiction that carries the uplifting vibe of Mass Sky Raid’s overall sound. Tracks such as Edge of the Unknown and Enemy are just some examples of the detailed vocal hooks that render each track vibrant and distinctive. From more moody, delay-drenched, pared back songs such as Closer and Dream to the fuller riffs of songs like Delirium there is an engaging range of textures across the ten tracks.

Vocalist Adam Lomas delivers an empowering performance on Science of Fiction that carries the uplifting vibe of Mass Sky Raid’s overall sound.

With Science of Fiction, Mass Sky Raid have developed their alt-rock sound to embrace elements of modern prog composition. This is prominent in the rhythmic patterns and shifting time signatures as well as Mass Sky Raid’s use of extended chords to create complex melodic backgrounds. This is very apparent in tracks such as Chemical Design, but more generally forms a feature of the writing style across Science of Fiction.

Science of Fiction is very listenable, relatable, exciting, even cathartically inspiring and a strong debut album from a promising Australian band.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Edge of The Unknown, Chemical Design, Enemy
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