Bad JujuHidden Desire

13th July, 2018
Reaching for the stars

Come on now, rock isn’t dead. There’s been a recent swell of releases from almost entirely DIY groups in 2018, and they’ve got it.

Bad Juju are one of them, and they’ve come out of nowhere with their debut EP Hidden Desire. It’s filled with familiar faces though: ex House Vs Hurricane, Earth Caller and other Australian luminaries dot their lineup.

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Relatability is the key to Hidden Desires’ success. Losing a phone and not even wanting to go find it so you don’t have to deal with an endless stream of bullshit from people? Yeah Rejects we feel it. First single Bloom will appeal to Endless Heights fans and the like. The song really is one of the standouts of the year that begs for repeat listens.

Short and sweet, we’re feeling da Juju mon.

“I know that you will be fine/and I’ll be okay.” It should be no surprise that Moving On got picked up by Triple J first. The chorus is tailor made for lunchtime spins that are rocky enough for the Violent Soho addicts to get on board, but light enough so people won’t flood the text line complaining like it’s The Racket. Tell me you can’t hear the walls shaking from Healer’s “She said I’d rather be DEAD.” The track feels middling until its break but hey, one moment is better than none right? Short and sweet, we’re feeling da Juju mon.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Rejects, Bloom, Moving On
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Endless Heights, Violent Soho, Slowly Slowly

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