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Manchester OrchestraThe Million Masks of God

Loma Vista Recordings
30th April, 2021
Art Core

Manchester Orchestra has found the beauty in life, grief and everything in between on their magnum opus, The Million Masks of God.

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Delivering on the promise of a multi-layered, theatrical-style record, Masks takes the philosophical route and asks: what follows after death? Aside from being the spiritual successor to their 2017 masterpiece, A Black Mile To The Surface, the record also gave the band an outlet to process the loss of guitarist Robert McDowell’s father, bringing an extra level of intensity to already personal subject matter.

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Embracing the grandiose, LP6 sees the band put all emotions on display. There are both bold moments of catharsis (see: Bed Head) and ones of intense vulnerability (see: Tender). Partnerships with both their long-term collaborator Catherine Marks and Ethan Gruska undoubtedly did the band the world of good; adding that extra bit of depth to the universe established on A Black Mile.

Thematically stunning and sonically jaw-dropping

As far as standout tracks go, Masks acts as a puzzle, joining its 11 pieces together to create a singular work of art. Bedhead, Annie and Telepath are an incredible, three-song run; but the cinematic threads present in the LP tie each track together. Ultimately, it’s a record that begs to be appreciated as a whole. 

Andy Hull and co. have delivered their strongest performance to date. The Million Masks of God is thematically stunning and sonically jaw-dropping. Go listen to it. Now. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Bedhead, Annie, Obstacle 
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