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KIMURACircle the Prey

21st October, 2021
Hard Hitting!

Perth lads Kimura serve up plenty of huge grooves and heavy riffing on their debut album Circle the Prey.

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With a decade of history and three EPs already behind them, it’s hardly a surprise that this band can hit hard.

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The opening tracks come cannoning out of the gates with a flurry of catchy grooves and churning riffs, Josh Kelly’s vocals a compelling blend of the twisted bellow of Randy Blythe and a bull-throated roar reminiscent of ‘Sloane’ Maloney from late 90s Sydney legends Cryogenic. It’s a vibe that carries through Kimura’s music too—less splash-heavy than Lamb of God but riff-infested and seriously groove-ridden. 

It’s a vibe that carries through Kimura’s music too—less splash-heavy than Lamb of God but riff-infested and seriously groove-ridden. 

On Damnare Pt .1 – Judgement, the band presents a darker, almost pensive feel as they step off the gas briefly before going harder on Serpents & Worms, Kelly transforming into a black metal demon. Circle the Prey gets progressively heavier and more intense as it continues, culminating in the flesh-ripping pair Vultures and Hell is Coming. Danmare Pt. 2 is a great way to finish, a couple of minutes of groove and guitar soloing to round out a pretty staunch debut album from a solid local metal act.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Hell is Coming, Danmare Pt. 1 – Judgement, Serpents & Worms
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