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29th April, 2022
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Take a second and think back to some of your favourite old school movies.

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You know the ones where there’s a new kid in town, strutting down the halls of the local high school clad in a leather jacket.

Got It Wrong is a track with the same, all-eyes-on-me energy. The latest offering from Sydney’s Jovi Skyler is effortlessly cool. Taking a stroll down memory lane, Got It Wrong embraces a hefty dose of 90s nostalgia. It’s grungy, angsty, punky, glam and a little psychedelic. And while Got It Wrong does have a whole lot on offer, it works—especially when tied together by Skyler’s intense vocal delivery and the single’s hazy, DIY energy. 

Got it Wrong is uncompromisingly angsty and electrifying.

Then there are the abstract lyrics, which add a bit of mystery to the track and help its mammoth soundscape shine. The music video is just as impressive, referencing the delightfully dark classic HeathersIt’s not just fans of Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins or Alice Cooper that’ll fall in love with this song. Anyone with a passion for anthems played loud, and car singalongs will too. Got it Wrong is uncompromisingly angsty and electrifying. With more tracks of this calibre, everyone and their dog will soon know the name Jovi Skyler.

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