harbor the code hysteria
harbor the code hysteria

Harbor The CodeSide By Side

22 March, 2019
Genuine Raw Emotion

If homegrown and heavy tunes are your jam, get ready to sink your teeth into the latest release from Harbor the Code.

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The Queensland crew are relative newcomers to the scene. Forming in 2018, they released two singles (Bridgeman and Father Time) establishing themselves as ones to watch. Now, they have dropped the vitriolic Side by Side and it packs as strong a punch lyrically as it does sonically.

Side by Side is a solid mission statement for a band so new to the music industry.

Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes, the track makes a short statement—but trust us when we say it’s not a sweet one. Ground shattering drum beats and technical guitar riffs (the usual cornerstones of HTCs tunes) take a bit of a backseat this time around. What really anchors the track are the dramatic (and experimental) strings. Not only do they add a theatrical effect, but they’re also the perfect contrast to the completely twisted lyrics that follow.

Inspired by a real person and event, Side by Side expresses genuine raw emotion and feelings of anger. It is unfiltered and unhinged, all while undoubtedly being cathartic to the five piece. Frontman George Gana shines on vocal duty throughout, adding a borderline psychotic edge to the track (we mean come on, the dude even managed to make The Gingerbread Man sound dark).

Side by Side is a solid mission statement for a band so new to the music industry. With at least three more planned releases this year, and a debut Australian tour on the cards, we’re predicting big things to come from the Harbor the Code camp. Keep an eye on these Queenslanders.

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