fangz hysteria
fangz hysteria

FANGZFor Nothing

22 July, 2019
Punk-rock vibes

Since forming in late 2018, Sydney band FANGZ have wasted no time in getting their debut EP out to the masses, and if you’re a fan of hard-hitting punk-rock tunes that are infectious, you can’t help but bang your head and tap your feet, then you need to check out For Nothing.

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The four-track release is packed full of party anthems and punches straight out of the gate with One For You One For Me, this tasty track is all about raising a beer with your mates and shutting out the rest of the world for a minute. It’s full of energy, with some meaty riffs and raw lyrics that really encapsulate the emotions of the band. This energy continues into the second track Voices, which has a memorable chorus that you’ll be singing along to in no time. 

This EP is one that is going to translate easily to the live stage

FANGZ slow down slightly on the third track Wastr, which features some grimy, sludgy guitar work and then the EP closes with the catchy Crossroads, which feels like a nice finish to the EP, and allows you to catch your breath before you hit repeat and take the ride all over again.  

This EP is one that is going to translate easily to the live stage, as it’s so energetic and full of party riffs, so if you like your tunes rock’n’roll, then check out FANGZ and For Nothing and catch them at a live show soon. 

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STANDOUT TRACKS: One For You One For Me, Voices

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