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EMMURE // Announce New Album & Drop New Single ‘Uncontrollable Descent’

“The most polarising metal band since Limp Bizkit” are back at it again: metalcore’s favourite bad boys Emmure have dropped their new single Uncontrollable Decent, the third track from the forthcoming album Hindsight, out digitally June 26, 2020.

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Following the releases of previous tracks Pigs Ear and Gypsy Disco, Emmure are clearly continuing their trademark brand of rough and rebellious metalcore with new track Uncontrollable Descent. Announcing their new album Hindsight which has been hinted at in previous videos through the ever-relevant slogan ‘Hindsight is 2020’, Emmure’s sound is as heavy as ever.

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Emmure covered some heavy subjects lyrically in 2017’s Look at Yourself, including suicidal ideation, feelings of hopelessness, and failure. But this follow up is described by the band as ‘somehow more savage and refined’.

Speaking to the new record, frontman and only remaining founding member Frankie Palmari said: “I want people to hear the music and take away whatever feeling they want. If an artist is outright telling you why a song or album was written, not only do I personally find it pretentious, but they might as well spoon feed you your meals and pick out your clothes for you, since you’re clearly incapable of thinking for yourself.”

While such words could be expected from the figurehead of a band placed alongside GG Allin and Marilyn Manson in Loudwire’s list of 10 Bands That Didn’t Care If You Hated Them, to Palmari and the band it’s all about what the fans take from their music.

“I simply hope the fans enjoy the song as much as we do and look forward to the full album releasing this year. Beyond that, I don’t believe in explaining what the music is supposed to be about.” said Palmari.

Uncontrollable Descent is out now. Hindsight will be out digitally on June 26, 2020, with physical copies released July 24, 2020.

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