Enter ShikariNothing Is True & Everything Is Possible

So Recordings
17th April, 2020
Trippy Brilliance

Enter Shikari have always been the band to dabble fearlessly when it comes to musical boundaries, taking what they invent in one release over to the next, constantly reimagining and reinventing so as to astutely reflect each point in time they find themselves.

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They’re also not ones to dilly dally around fervent self-beliefs and (at times) rationalised attacks on everything from gluttony to capitalism, climate change to hospitality etiquette. Ever the masters of manipulation, sixth studio album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is no exception to these adamant mind sets, musical or otherwise.

all time low hysteria

In fact, the British rock outfit take the word “fearless” to an extreme measure, with agonisingly confusing but amazing results; this is a release that is as thrilling as it is ambitious.

Enter Shikari imagine a dystopia future and position themselves in it as conductors of hysteria.

A kaleidoscope of misery, joy, excitement, and curiosity, works playfully with grunge, pop, rock, psychedelic, and many other genre essentials at tossing your senses around like a gourmet salad in order for you to experience the album’s full flavour. Enter Shikari tinker with the heavy cuts of their early days and the intricate whimsy of their future. Such is the philanthropy and unpredictability of Enter Shikari’s output, you have to wonder at the headspace the band were in to create this album.

august burns red hysteria

Regardless, dipping their toes into an ocean of sonic delights, inclusive of dubstep, indie, classical, and 90s Brit pop, somehow Enter Shikari have made sense of the nonsensical. To be able to merge that disdain for a pigeonhole with their disdain for societal misgivings, Enter Shikari imagine a dystopia future and position themselves in it as conductors of hysteria.

To truly appreciate the invigorating rapport and purposeful madness that’s created by the band for the listener you might have to be mad yourself. Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is a perfect and unexpected balance of meat, fluff, interludes and breakdowns. There’s no clear point to be discerned here–and that’s part of the fun of it all. This is a definitive release demonstrative and worthy of its name. Look up the word “fearless” in the dictionary and it’s likely an image of Enter Shikari now sits beside it.

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