my dying bride hysteria
my dying bride hysteria

My Dying BrideThe Ghost of Orion

Nuclear Blast
6th March, 2020
Dark Beauty

The Ghost of Orion marks a return from a relative silence of five years for My Dying Bride, now wearing a more melodic guise than they have been previously known for, a subtle but distinctive change to their lumbering Romantic doom. 

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As the slow, lingering riffs rumble out, ringing for long moments while the anguished croon of Aaron Stainthorpe delivers lines of dark, Baroque poetry, interwoven melodies from banks of guitars and strings surface to enhance the beauty and danger of their gloomy, Gothic melodrama. 

This is the most artistic divergence from My Dying Bride’s regular melancholy plod since the meandering and over-long Evinta set some years ago

Artistic flourishes colour the shadowed corners of The Ghost of Orion. Stainthorpe’s double-tracked vocals bring extra menace to the rumbling opener. The heavy riffing that rolls out across The Long Black Land and The Old Earth are tempered and enhanced by repetition and tension, bridged by the sustained melodic drone of entwined guitars on the title track. Myriad overlaid guitars create the illusion of the Irish countryside in The Solace, the lilt of Lily Fay Hella’s vocals on this track only heightening the feel of rolling green hills in some forgotten Gaelic folk song. 

This is the most artistic divergence from My Dying Bride’s regular melancholy plod since the meandering and over-long Evinta set some years ago, but infinitely more fulfiling and complete as a musical work. The Ghost of Orion is a mournful and splendorous song cycle and like a good bottle of red, My Dying Bride continues to mature with age.

STAND OUT TRACKS: Your Broken Shore, The Solace, The Long Black Land
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Sleep

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