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introvert hysteria

IntrovertMending Breaking

21st February, 2020
Powerful Stuff

It’s taken Newcastle outfit Introvert a minute to put together their new EP but it’s absolutely worth the wait.

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Mending Breaking is the follow-up to 2016’s Old Taste and documents the band’s personal struggles with anxiety and self-doubt within that time–this EP is the result of an exploration into some very heavy stuff. Set to an awesome soundtrack of riveting alt rock this is bound to be a release that you’ll get on board with, not just for the thematic content, but the stellar music, too.

Jetboys Brisbane 21st February 2020

There’s no getting away from the many ways in which you can spin the truths of Mending Breaking. Not only does the power of the EP’s lyrics and the raucous melodies give you a great insight into Introvert as a band and their experiences, but it’s set up so you can make of it what you will, take the ever-changing medicine to cure whatever it is that ails you.

Introvert are masters of the crowd chorus, generating anthemic runs that instigate a sense of hope and unity

It’s pretty funny how those feelings of misery and woe are set to a sound that is anything but. Introvert are masters of the crowd chorus, generating anthemic runs that instigate a sense of hope and unity. Somewhere Else captures the anguish of self-doubt but it’s also the EP’s most stripped back track, exposing not only difficult feelings but Introvert’s competence as performing musicians. More of that united front in a boisterous group of voices and you’ve easily got what will likely become Introvert’s most popular song to be heard live.

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The titular track curves its way around a haunting melody that is as gentle as it is furious, a truly captivating and emotional track, one in which Introvert very much open up in all areas. With early Thrice nuances and some heart wrenching truths in the lyrics carried with some effortless harmonies, this is the standout track, hands down.

Introvert are onto something here. It’s palatable, relatable, fun and exciting EPs like this that are what the scene needs.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Dreamers, Somewhere Else, Mending Breaking
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