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Arising Empire
23rd August, 2019
Pukka metalcore innit

Premonitions is the debut album from Manchester-based melodic metalcore band Deadthrone.

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Since forming in 2016 and blasting on to the heavy music scene with their debut EP To Hell And Back, this exciting four-piece has been bringing a few diverse influences to their intriguing brand of metalcore.

The overall sound on Premonitions is undeniably that of solid melodic metalcore, and indeed a number of tracks such as Soothsayer and the heavier number Revival, testify to Deadthrone’s secure grasp on their foundation genre. From the opening song Feel and in particular the second track Runaway, however, things get really interesting on Premonitions. Ringing in a nostalgic synth-laden topline and rounded-out bass, Runaway showcases a healthy level of experimentation with the seedy atmospheres granted by electronic infusions. At moments such as Stand Your Ground, Deadthrone invoke a more insistent tone, with some varying and infectious rhythmic hooks. At these moments, Deadthone’s strengths in their perfectly matched dual vocals and ability to lay out strong and memorable melodies shines.

Premonition is melodic metalcore packed with all the right extras

One aspect of Deadthrone’s sound that is genuinely innovative is their clear influence from hip-hop. Borrowing the throbbing pulses of hip-hop rhythms on pared-back, clean-vocal-driven tracks like Believe pull the different sounds together effectively on a song that builds up steadily to tug at the heartstrings.

Deadthrone’s fusion of hip-hop sensibilities with the metalcore framework is most extensively explored in the final track Seven Years. While this is track is a bit patchwork between hip-hop and metalcore segments, the idea is working, and working very well. Premonition is melodic metalcore packed with all the right extras. This hybrid of smooth and bassy hip-hop elements, an atmospheric immersion of electronic music all melded with the angst of metalcore is so intriguing. Deadthrone has so much potential to enlarge upon this tantalising confluence of genres.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Runaway, Believe, Stand Your Ground
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