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25th March, 2022
25th March, 2022
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It’ll come as no surprise to anyone reading this, but one of the greatest things about being part of the Hysteria Crew is getting exposed to so much music, whether it be from our finest homegrown talent or some killer acts from across the seas.

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DC Wolves, who originally hail from a small town in Connecticut, fall into the latter category. And with their second LP, Predator, they’ve really caught our eye. They’ve done this by pulling from the sounds that shaped their childhood, all while inspiring us to pull our old flannos out from the back of our wardrobes.

Predator carries the spirit of the 90s in its nine tracks, paying tribute to the funk, stoner, post-rock and grunge worlds. It’s also guitar-driven, featuring big riffs, big solos and even bigger energy—and we reckon it would’ve sounded just as strong had it been entirely instrumental.

DC Wolves has returned bigger, better and bolder than ever.

That said, the larger than life vocals of frontman Dan Cahill add an extra dimension to the record. And while they commanded our attention all the way through, they were particularly strong on tracks like A Toast, Chicago Overcoat and Giver Of Life. After a three year wait, DC Wolves has returned bigger, better and bolder than ever. Predator is a standout record, and with more tunes of this calibre, we know the band will position themselves right at the top of the scene’s food chain. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: A Toast, Chicago Overcoat, Giver Of Life
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