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Cold WordsKill Me, Please?

Everlitt Records
30th September, 2021
Certified Banger!

Don’t let the title fool you, Kill Me, Please? is not as gloomy as you might think!

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It’s the latest single from Cold*Words, also known as Regan Hughes, and it’s all about juxtaposition.

halloween hysteria

A riveting blend of light and darkness, good and evil and mental stability and anguish lies at its core. This is intertwined with themes of depression, anxiety and alienation, unsurprisingly making Kill Me, Please? one powerful listen. Despite his storied history in Melbourne metal outfit Left for Wolves, Hughes has also proven himself to be anything but a one-trick pony. This time he’s cannonballed straight into the deep end of alt-rock. And again sticking to the balancing act, he’s done this with melodic chords and haunting tones. 

Cold*Words has struck gold with Kill Me, Please?, a track that will not just cut you down to the bone but leave you begging for more.

Finally, there’s his rich vocals, which add a sense of desperation to the track. It’s these puzzle pieces that, when joined together, make one stunning picture. And then there’s the DIY recording and production. Kill Me, Please? is a striking example of genuine, honest art and it’s this approach that’s helped Hughes achieve this. Cold*Words has struck gold with Kill Me, Please?, a track that will not just cut you down to the bone but leave you begging for more.

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