carbon black hysteria

Carbon BlackWe Remain

6th May, 2022
carbon black hysteria
Hard Hitting!

Wollongong metalheads Carbon Black come out firing on all cylinders on their second album, then refuse to let up.

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With the Giles brothers providing a powerhouse, lockstep rhythm section, Damon Bishop’s spectacular guitar work and a dynamic vocal performance by Johnathan Hurley, We Remain is a high speed locomotive of groove-ridden heavy metal from the opening moment.

Steve Giles’ crashing drums and the thick throb of brother Rob’s bass thunder through every track, while Bishop’s guitar wails, shreds and divebombs all over the place. Under Order – with an understated cameo from Tim “Ripper” Owens – and We Bleed are showcases for Bishop’s wild guitar style, like a combination of Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell and Glenn Tipton from Judas Priest.

We Remain is a high speed locomotive of groove-ridden heavy metal from the opening moment.

None of that would matter if the songs weren’t there – but they are. There’s only seven, and they’re mostly quite short, but Carbon Black doesn’t waste a moment with catchy groove and Hurley’s varied delivery that runs from a ragged clean to a low growl, matching harmonies with Owens or unleashing a ferocious roar. We Remain is a short and furious blast of earth-shattering heavy metal that will get played again and again. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Under Order, We Bleed, Our Reprise
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