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THE BEAUTIFUL MONUMENT // Strength In Vulnerability

Pushing the boundaries on what can be commonplace conversation, Melbourne’s The Beautiful Monument have continued taking big steps in their journey towards world domination with a real and raw addition to their discography.

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Signing to Greyscale Records in early 2019, the four-piece alt-rock group have released their second album I’m The Reaper, a deeper exploration of and final chapter to their debut record I’m The Sin. Moving from themes of heartbreak to a wider analysis of the perils and choices made in life, I’m The Reaper draws its strength from the vulnerability of the albums core. 

For front-woman Lizi Blanco this album acts as an open diary, on display for people to listen too and connect with.

“It’s a very vulnerable record, especially when it comes to the lyrics. It’s definitely different in that aspect to I’m The Sin, I get a lot more personal in the whole record. It’s pretty much like an emo diary, that’s kind of just really sad [laughs]. But being vulnerable was one of the hardest things that we had to do in this record.”

“I guess it makes me more human, letting people know that I also go through shit—and if there are other people out there who feel alone in their feelings, I guess this is my way of saying you’re not. As shit as it is, because you wouldn’t wish some of these things on anyone, it’s oddly, disturbingly comforting knowing that there are other people who go through it too and that you’re not alone.”

I want to be what I wanted in a role model when I was a teenager and I looked up to bands being like ‘it’s okay not to be okay, shit happens and life goes on’, but also to be an advocate for those who don’t have a voice.
[ Lizi Blanco ]

Being able to build a connection with your fans through song is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of being a great band. And while The Beautiful Monument knew they wanted to reach a wider audience with the relatable content of the album, it was a surprise for Lizi to hear just how much people were relating to this latest release.

“We released Reaper,” the third single to be released from the upcoming album “which was a very personal song for me and the girls, but the influx of that … I actually ended up crying because I got a lot of messages from people thanking me for bringing this song out and writing those lyrics because it touched a lot of people. A lot of listeners have told me: ‘you’ve said what I wanted to say, I didn’t know how to say it but you’ve gone and said it’. It’s very bittersweet and it made me quite emotional, that something I have written and poured my soul into has affected other people in that way positively—but it’s nice being able to be a voice for those people.”

As an artist, it’s important to remember why you do what you do and the impact that your creations can have on people. From 16 to 60, the arts holds an incredible power that can influence and affect others across a variety of themes. So what is it that keeps Lizi grounded and going?

“I want to be what I wanted in a role model when I was a teenager and I looked up to bands being like ‘it’s okay not to be okay, shit happens and life goes on’, but also to be an advocate for those who don’t have a voice. I’m a very big fan of just being true to yourself, and I think we’d [The Beautiful Monument] all have different opinions on what we’d like The Beautiful Monument to be about or achieve, but I think my biggest one would be for those little emo kids to know that I’m here for them.”

The Beautiful Monument is a band built on bravery and creativity, striving constantly to connect with their audiences and produce work that has meaning and heart. With two albums now under their belt, appearances on major Australian festival line-ups like Unify Gathering and Download, and a passion that can be felt through every inch of their discography, The Beautiful Monument have established themselves as a fiery force of female ferocity—and we are so about it. 

The Beautiful Monument I’m The Reaper Tour 2019: 

Sydney // Saturday, 3rd August // The Lansdowne Hotel
Brisbane // Friday, 9th August // The Foundry
Adelaide // Saturday, 10th August // Day Of Clarity
Melbourne // Friday, 16th August // Workers Club

Tickets available here.

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