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It’s time to practice your best fingerpoint and get your vocal cords in check, Beartooth’s first ever Australian headliner is just around the corner.

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With their new record Disease in tow, the band are promising a tour filled with energy and excitement. Hysteria caught up with guitarist Kam Bradbury to chat all about it. 

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Did Beartooth approach Disease differently to past music, considering it was your third album?

For the most part, no. Caleb (Shomo, Frontman) did a lot of co-writing with a lot of people and travelled a lot more than he has in the past records but I still think it’s a Beartooth record. It’s a very emotionally deep record, I think this is our most emotional one yet. We still wrote a Beartooth record though, it has the heavy parts and singalong choruses, it’s still very much us.

Caleb has said these tracks are so personal to him, do you still feel like you connect to them?

Absolutely. His lyrics are very relatable, everyone goes through dark times in their lives. I’ve seen other people relate to his lyrics too and they tell us how much they’ve helped them, they’ve helped me too honestly. They’re really relatable and straightforward.

You’ve actually toured this album around the U.K and the U.S. Have there been any tracks that have really got the crowd going?

One of the first ones we started playing live was Bad Listener, we didn’t really know how it was going to go but we released it and we immediately started playing it. We were playing it before the album even came out. The energy for that song alone has been very crowd oriented. Everyone’s been yelling the words back, like a chant. Disease has been another crowd favourite. It’s a very singalong and heartfelt song so I think the crowds have been relating to that.

Bad Listener has been my favourite song to play though. We’ve been starting the shows with it and it gets us out of the gate hot and sets the tone for the whole night.

We’re very excited to play a headline set, play all the songs we want to and give people the Beartooth show we haven’t given them yet.
[ Kam Bradbury ]

What have been some standout moments from this tour run?

There’s a festival here in Columbus called Sonic Temple, it used to be called Rock on the Range. It was really cool to play the main stage for that festival, we were in the stadium and had a lot of family and friends who came to see it.

We also played Rock Im Park which is this festival in Germany. This was our second time playing it and both times it’s been one of my favourite shows that we’ve ever played. We played outside, at night, I don’t even know how many people … This time around we used a lot of production and went all out. Hearing the crowd singing back and their reaction to the record was incredible there.  

How’re you feeling about heading to Australia for your first headlining shows?

We’re super excited, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve honestly planned to do this headliner so many times, we were thinking about it after the first tour we did with In Hearts Wake like four years ago. But every time we planned to go back, we got an offer from a band that we really couldn’t turn down—like the Pierce the Veil tour or the one with The Amity Affliction.

We’re very excited to play a headline set, play all the songs we want to and give people the Beartooth show we haven’t given them yet.

What’s really stood out to you about Australian crowds and shows on your past visits?

The crowds always have lots of energy. They seem more excited than American crowds, I guess it’s because not as many tours go through there—America is really spoilt in that sense. Australians are fantastic though and we’re all really stoked to be coming back.

What can fans expect to see this time around?

We basically get to choose how long our setlist will be and what we want to do. The last few times we’ve been to Australia we’ve had 30 minutes to jam all the songs that we think people want to hear so it’ll be exciting to give people the full show. We hope everyone gets to hear every song they want to hear.

Catch Beartooth at the following dates:

Thursday 11 July // The Gov // Adelaide
Friday 12 July // The Corner Hotel // Melbourne
Saturday 13 July // The Metro Theatre // Sydney
Sunday 14 July // The Triffid // Brisbane

Tickets available here.

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