THE BAUER BULLETIN // Sorry, Mr Wilson!

Riffy and rowdy: two words we’d use to describe Menace. It’s the debut single from The Bauer Bulletin, a rising Oz talent you really need to keep your eyes on.

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Not just the new kid on the hip-hop/rock block, TBB is also the solo project of David Bauer, a lifelong fan of both genres. We caught up with him to chat about the track and its accompanying music video, his plans for the coming year and more.

Hysteria: Tell us about your musical journey.

David: I’ve played the drums and guitar since high school. My dad and two brothers heavily influenced my music taste; I grew up listening to 90’s-early 2000’s rock, like Silverchair and Grinspoon. I also got into heavier music in my adolescence/high school years. I have always been interested in how you can incorporate that into hip-hop music. What I produce and create is a reflection of that and all the elements of music that I enjoy.

We’ve got to dig into what inspired Menace.

I just wanted to pick an alter ego and go ham on it. I could do it without being judged by anyone because it wasn’t actually me. I could be as lewd and as crass as I wanted without anyone being critical of me or my personality.

Did you share it with anyone that knows the real you? What was the reaction like?

I showed it to my mum, and she was scared that I’d release it and it might jeopardise my career and job (laughs). I told her to just separate me from the fictional character I created, as disgusting as he is, and that it would sit with her a lot better. I showed a couple of other people too, and they laughed.

I just wanted to pick an alter ego and go ham on it. I could do it without being judged by anyone because it wasn’t actually me.
[David Baeur]

Putting its music video together must’ve been such a fun time. Tell us about that.

I linked up with my cousin from Melbourne; we have a very similar sense of humour. I really wanted someone who could help flesh out some of my ideas. He played a big part in bringing it to life. It was fun going to all the locations and doing all the stuff we did. Some people did look at me funny. I just brushed it off though, and got on with it, telling myself that it would look good at the end of it even if it meant looking silly in the moment.

Build your dream lineup. Who are you tearing up the stage or your local deli with?

Butterfingers. Rage Against the Machine. Limp Bizkit. The Bloodhound Gang. Listening to bands that are musically minded but with an element of humour to them helped me harness all of my strengths and put them together.

What’s next?

Moving in a direction with this kind of music is something new to me. I want to pursue similar things, combining those rock and hip-hop elements. It’ll be when I find the time and motivation between my day job. Hopefully, I can create something similar and take it to the next level.

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