Anti-Flag Premiere New Song 'Unbreakable'

ANTI-FLAG // Drop ‘Unbreakable’ From New Album ’20/20 Vision’

Pittsburgh agit-punks Anti-Flag are again mobilising against the establishment on new record 20/20 Vision, due out on the 17th of January. They’ve also released first single Unbreakable, which you can listen to below.

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New and old fans can get the record through Spinefarm Records/Caroline Australia.

Producing the intriguing video, the band collaborated with young Nigerian filmmaking collective the Critics Company who have gained notoriety for their provocative short sci-fi films.

Chris #2, bassist and vocalist, said of the team-up, “I saw this on Twitter and I thought there was nothing more in the spirit of punk rock, of DIY ethics, than what these kids were doing. As their story began to spread and people from Anti-Flag to [film director] J.J. Abrams were celebrating these kids, I thought ask them if they’d want to make a music video. They said yes, immediately, even in the chaos of them going from 100 followers to over 10,000 in a day. This to me is what technology, the internet, all of the things that have been exploited to gain the powerful more power, were supposed to do. Bring us together, give us creative outlets, erase borders, economic divisions, and racial barriers. The video is their story.

“In the face of being told that kids from Africa don’t make movies, that you need professional equipment, and through your family having immense pressure to find the daily things needed to survive. Follow your passion. Creation is an action, not a reaction. It’s also coincidentally the over-arching theme of the song, written by four people on the other side of the world, with insanely different lifestyles and backgrounds than The Critics Company, but share the same solidarity.”

The band explained the themes behind the record in a prepared statement: “20/20 Vision aims to take a step back and stare down the most pressing problems of our time: kids in cages, the fentanyl crisis, rolling back EPA restrictions. It’s a record that at once feels both timely and forward thinking. 20/20 Vision is a work that Anti-Flag hopes will serve as an immediate form of communication with those who are politically engaged as well as a document of our modern times for a future generation. As #2 puts it: ‘We hope that when someone trips over this record in the sand of the post apocalypse, they’ll know that there were people who once stood in opposition to all of this.'”

Guitarist Justin Sane told Billboard about their direct calling out of President Trump: “Normally we’ve never named a president. We wanted our songs to stay relevant in the future. We have a song called Outbreak that’s about Bill Clinton, but we didn’t use his name. Our song Turncoat could be about today; If you named George Bush, though, it dates the song. We think in terms of Woody Guthrie; This Land Is Your Land is as relevant today as when he wrote it, and we’ve always tried to stay in that spirit. But with this record we were like, ‘Look, Donald Trump IS the problem, so we have to go directly at the problem.'”

Anti-Flag are known for their strident left-wing activism spanning a storied twenty-year career.

You can buy their single from digital download stores and streaming services. Pre-orders for their album are available here.

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