alienist hysteria
alienist hysteria


8th May, 2020
Certified Banger

After a cracking run of shows in 2019, Wollongong metal upstarts Alienist have been staggered by the COVID crisis just as any band, but nonetheless they are keeping up the momentum with their latest single Severance.

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With fidgety ADHD-leads and full-throated roaring vocals, the djent-inflected riffing gives way to a high-flying, neck-wrecking pit anthem.

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This breed of metalcore rolls up the forward thinking smarts of Polaris with the fisticuffs severity of Antagonist AD, bringing aggression in the melodic phrases as much as in the beatdown rhythms. Shrill stabs punctuate the breakdowns and atonal finger-work squeezes every ounce of energy out of verse riffs.

Severance displays classy metal chops and clever song-writing, dripping with anxiety and defiance.

The bruising music and violent spirit are summed up in the repeated refrain of “This is what you’ve been waiting for”, delivered with melody that feels necessary to the drive of the song, instead of incidental or tacked on like an obligatory radio chorus. The simple amorality tale of a man up to here with everyone’s shit is as universally appealing as it is defiantly antisocial.

Alienist have toured with some of Australia’s metal stalwarts and leading lights, and they have clearly been taking notes, as this track shows a band who should feel comfortable going toe-to-toe with any of their contemporaries. Severance displays classy metal chops and clever song-writing, dripping with anxiety and defiance. The band have been picking up tricks from the best in the scene and here they even have a few of their own.

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