void of vision hysteria
void of vision hysteria

Void Of VisionHyperdaze

13 September, 2019

Hyper daaaaaze baby, time to take a nice little trip through Void of Vision’s follow up to the jaw dropping Disturbia EP.

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Babylon truly does make the world-ending cry of “NO GODS” feel genuine. A nice and tasty guitar solo and a chorus highlight during If Only provides a lighter taste before Void crack in the heavy stuff. 

The little rushed double kick/chug combo in Slave to the Name’s chorus get the little heart a flutter too. Especially with techno dots that close out the track and open up a Stranger Things-esque Adrenaline. It’s very telling that Northlane and Void Of Vision have brought a twisted 80s bass/synth mix within a month or so of each other. Both have stuck it out for years, made some wrong turns and have reaped the rewards.

Playing around with a number of new electronica and chorus lines is a welcome addition for Void.

Fucking hell though, strap in for the back to back of Kerosene Dream running straight into the start of Decay. It’s not hard to imagine vocalist Jack Bergin overseeing a sea of chaos after he screams “So come and get a taste bitch” in Decay’s build. If that’s not enough, Splinter caps off the triple threat; keeping a meaty tone while the snare is getting absolutely battered will be a test for the sound desk. Ditto for the breakdown that’s amongst their most thunderous with a crack of snare lightning. Playing around with a number of new electronica and chorus lines is a welcome addition for Void. That being said, since the band’s shift through Disturbia, it’s hard to call Hyperdaze a significant leap forward. If we’d never had the EP shown to us we’d be astounded. It’s more of the same on that front, but we aren’t complaining.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Babylon, Splinter, Slave to the Name
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