superheist hysteria
superheist hysteria


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3 May, 2019
Bringing it!

26 years since their formation in 1993 Superheist has offered the world a heavy sound that blends an array of genres to make something that sounds unique, yet very familiar.

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With their new album titled Sidewinder, the group displays a similar approach to their songwriting with hints of Nu-Metal, Grunge, Hip-Hop even small doses of EDM. The production throughout the album is very slick. It aids every groove, anthemic chorus’ and chugged breakdowns. Every bit of instrumental work is very clear in the mix and will prove to help listeners engage in different parts of each song when giving multiple listens.

Never the less Sidewinder proves to be a solid addition to the Superheist discography.

Within the current landscape of heavy music in Australia the album sits at an interesting crossroads. With more and more Metal/Hardcore bands experimenting with the Nu Metal sounds of the early 2000’s it’s very easy to see an album like this getting lots of traction. However while we can see a lot of current bands becoming more and more inspired by these nostalgic sounds, a few of the breakdowns and heavier sections in Sidewinder would not seem so out of place in a more modern styled act.

The first single dropped for the album, The Riot, opens up with an unforgiving breakdown that could easily be heard from bands such as Northlane or In Hearts Wake. While this convergence of the old and new is impressive and is sure to please those who love the specific genres, listeners who aren’t into the early 2000’s vibe or the extremely clean cut modern style of breakdowns may not find much in the album too exciting.  Never the less Sidewinder proves to be a solid addition to the Superheist discography.

STANDOUT TRACKS: The Riot, Breathe, Overlord
STICK THIS NEXT TO: The Butterfly Effect, Sunk Loto, Mammal

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