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REECE YOUNG // Releases New Single

New UNFD signee and up ‘n’ comer Reece Young continues to roll out fiery new tracks that offer relatable lyrics and subject matter, crackling riffs, and nuanced electronics.

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Now, Reece Young shares the video for Am I Wrong.


The song addresses a serious issue that affects so many people in this day and age, and it’s Reece Young’s way of reaching out to listeners and fans and letting them know that he, too, has been there and gets it. The track, with its punchy guitars and layered choruses, is a lifeline and it resonates on many levels.

The video premiered via Crunchyroll and you can read Young’s exclusive interview with the outlet here.

Am I Wrong touches on the darkest topic I’ve written about yet,” the artist says. “Thoughts of suicide and depressive episodes have always plagued not only me, but a ton of people in my life. Am I Wrong questions if continuing on is worth it. Is wanting an ending a bad thing? Forgetting about the consequences of what would follow a reality like that is frightening. Hopefully, the listener hears these words and finds solace in the knowledge that they aren’t alone, and that other people out there struggle with the same thoughts.”

Am I Wrong follows the previously release tracks LOW and DARK.

New Jersey born and raised, Reece Young emerged and gained traction via his self-released early music. He lays it all out there has put all the adversity he’s faced, his personal struggles, his frustration, into a vulnerable and universally authentic sound. Young, now Nashville-based, is “one of us” — a music obsessive who has channeled his passion for the scene and his favorite artists into making his own and getting onto the stage himself. With a modus operandi of sharing tales of facing adversity, overcoming personal struggles, by tying open-vein vulnerability and authenticity to gargantuan choruses, the time is now for Reece Young to set about joining the big leagues and emulating what his heroes have done before him.

Stream here.


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