sleep token hysteria
sleep token hysteria

Sleep TokenTake Me Back To Eden

Spinefarm Records
19th May, 2023
Hard Hitting!

Sleep Tokens third album Take Me Back To Eden may well be one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

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Its second single, The Summoning, has already gone on to generate 16.5 million streams globally. On top of that, it’s currently sitting at the top of the international Spotify Viral Charts, trending on Twitter and finding its place on Youtube’s homepage after being selected as a ‘Youtube Trending Artist On The Rise.’ 

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Making it no exaggeration when it’s said that the masked British alt-rock collective are one of the most talked about acts in the world right now. Take Me Back To Eden, proves that the hype is well and truly warranted. With the anonymous, yet clearly traditionally trained four-piece making rounding out their closely followed trilogy with a myriad of genre-bending (and undoubtedly trend-setting) epic’s that listeners will love immersing themselves in. It’s Sleep Token’s playground, and they just keep changing the rules. One second you’re trapped inside a room with the vibration of Korg aggregation making it feel like the walls close in around you (Chokehold), the next you’re floating in a tranquil rainforest, surrounded by the naturalistic foley of birds and running water delicately balanced alongside methodical key arrangements and soaring layers of vocals (Take Me Back To Eden).

An absolute masterclass from the cult followed British rockers.

Stripping back the theatrics (to ramp them up tenfold moments later), 7-minute blockbuster Ascensionism delivers a fever-dream of tonal shifts that’ll even surprise the group’s most devoted loyalists. With its swirling vocal loops, rattling trip-hop breaks and consistently opposing walls of riffs making it hard to predict what’s coming next. Before you know it, you’re facing an extravagantly melodic breakdown packed with enough power that it deserves to be played to crowds of thousands in stadiums and auditoriums. Which is something that could be said about each of the tracks on the album. Even at its weakest (Rain), if any of Take Me Back To Eden’s songs were released as standalone singles by another band, they’d likely go on to be regarded as that group’s magnum opus. Making it all the more impressive that Sleep Token dropped all 12 in the one release. An absolute masterclass from the cult followed British rockers.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Take Me Back To Eden, Ascensionism, Chokehold
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