headwreck hysteria
headwreck hysteria

HeadwreckReflection Room

7th April, 2023
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Headwreck are still relatively new faces on the scene, but in their short tenure as a group they’ve already amassed some fairly notable praise.

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Not only have the Brisbane based outfit been selling out headliner shows all along Australia’s East Coast over the past year or so, they’re also currently sitting as the most streamed hardcore act on the ‘triple j unearthed’ charts. Pretty impressive feats for an act that’s still currently unsigned.

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The group’s second release, the Reflection Room EP, makes it evident to see why they’ve been generating such a buzz. It’s not necessarily that they’re bringing a new sound to the table, with their followup EP leaning heavily into influences such as Void of Vision, The Amity Affliction and Diamond Construct; but more so that as a unit, Headwreck have managed to cross-pollinate genres and hone in on a sound that incorporates all of the most beloved facets of Australia’s heavy music community all-in-one. And it really does encapsulate it all. Shiver adopts industrial tinged electronics and thunderous Northlaneesque djent breakdowns; Fade In carries a similar free-flowing melodic sensibility to Plini, whilst Substance, see’s Jamo Benadie, the groups guitarist and clean vocalist, channel a performance incredibly similar to pre-autotune Ahren Stringer (Amity). 

From its tech-heavy instrumentals to its multifaceted vocal harmonies, Reflection Room is an EP that highlights that although they’re still in their infancy as a group, Headwreck are newcomers worthy of your attention.

But that’s not to say that Reflection Room is devoid of originality, with the EP taking what it wants from its influences and running with it, expanding on the tried and tested formulas of its predecessors in exciting and innovative new ways. Poseidon powerfully marries music-box melodies alongside jagged riffs and gravelled vocals; Why Won’t You? adds in winding 90’s inspired trance soundscapes, and Let It Feel, ushers in frenetic digitalised breakdowns so rawly tuned they’d make Aphex Twin smile. There’s certainly a lot of moments that’ll win you over. From its tech-heavy instrumentals to its multifaceted vocal harmonies, Reflection Room is an EP that highlights that although they’re still in their infancy as a group, Headwreck are newcomers worthy of your attention.

STANDOUT TRACKS: PoseidonWhy Won’t You? Let It Feel
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