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RedHookPostcard From A Living Hell

21st April, 2023

If beloved Aussie genre mutants RedHook and their debut album Postcard From A Living Hell have taught us anything in 2023, it’s that heaven truly is a place in hell, with eleven scorching tracks lying in wait on their ballistically enjoyable new release.

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Recently snapping up a Feature Album on triple j and swinging in at #10 on the ARIA Album Charts upon releasing their debut full-length, this 100% independent band has proven time and time again that they are the ultimate merchants of chaos and scintillating sonic pandemonium—and in no way is that a negative. With Postcard From A Living Hell, it may mark RedHook’s first full length album, but the end result is one many seasoned bands could only dream of. Polished yet lawless, emotionally-charged yet assured, RedHook are definitely one of the most exciting bands in town, and 2023 is continuing to be the year that the secret erupts out to the rest of the world.

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From the razor-sharp opening stomper Postcard Xo, it’s clear RedHook aren’t pulling any punches, with spitfire guitars, thunderous drums and lashings of bounce and brawny flourishes percolating around the dark queen herself: the ever-potent Emmy Mack. Flitting between electronic moments spliced amongst rock, metal, pop-punk and beyond, Postcard From A Living Hell builds itself as a modern masterpiece with each new layer. From the neon-hued banger The Critic to the stunning team up with Yours Truly vocalist Mikaela Delgado on Imposter, Postcard From A Living Hell continually balances its oft-serious subject matter with plenty of firepower and fun, including the bouncy Soju featuring Sly Withers serving up lashings of the latter.

Postcard From A Living Hell is a riotous sizzle reel of everything fans have come to know and love and then some about a band least likely to be able to be summed up with one genre label.

For anyone who has witnessed the Hook live in action, you’ll know the group are in command of an unholy amount of vigour when they unleash onstage, and it’s this very energy that is more than adequately captured across the board with Postcard. From the anthemic (Jabberwocky) to the high-octane (Psych vs Psych), sinuous earworms oozing with rap rock (An Intervention) and softer moments (Inarticulate featuring The Faim), RedHook are in excessively fine form from start-to-finish, with some extremely sparkling production on display all the way through to the final belter SAY

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Offering a mixtape feel with oscillating influences and styles in vivid attendance, Postcard From A Living Hell is a riotous sizzle reel of everything fans have come to know and love and then some about a band least likely to be able to be summed up with one genre label. And fusing catharsis and extremely intimate personal narratives throughout the album only levels up the release further, with rage, serenity and everything in between carefully threading the album into a cohesive and compelling listening experience. A triumph not just for heavy music but for a band who consistently play by their own rules and never cease to impress, Postcard From A Living Hell will replace your morning coffee, bewitch your soul and will sure as hell have you reaching for that repeat button. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Jabberwocky, Low Budget Horror, SAY
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