signals midwest hysteria
signals midwest hysteria

Signals MidwestPin

Lost Boy Records
2 August, 2019
Emo Throwback

Feeling nostalgic? All about that emo revival? Signals Midwest has the album for you.

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Their fifth record, Pin, has been years in the making and it’s not been without its challenges. Not only was this the bands first recording with new bassist Ryan Williamson, but it was also their first release since their relocation to three different cities (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and their origin city of Cleveland).

On their fifth record, Signals Midwest has proven that change is the best method of success.

It’s no real surprise then, that the four-piece has described Pin as a record of change. Retrospective lyricism is at its core, and the band get a little deep as they explore the rollercoaster of life and the state of the world around them. This is perhaps the strongest in Sanctuary City, which stresses the importance of empathy, connecting with other people and exploring their views.

Long term fans of Signals Midwests’ sound will still be happy to find plenty of melodic and anthemic moments, whether it be with Your New Old Apartment or the piano ballad of the record opener Pin. Truthfully, the entire six tracker shows the bands signature punk tinged emo sound in its finest (and rawest) form, and it’s all capped off by frontman Max Stern delivering his lines with a sense of melancholic sweetness.

On their fifth record, Signals Midwest has proven that change is the best method of success. Despite their circumstances, the four-piece has still managed to give the record ample amounts of TLC, proving themselves to be the little engine that could.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Sanctuary City, Your New Old Apartment, Time Spent In Transit
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